About Us

At Bum Seng Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., we pride ourselves in offering superior quality parts for a diverse range of industries. Since our inception in 1999, we have built a reputation for delivering quality products on time and within budget.

Our ability to deliver urgent parts within tight schedules, and our obsession with quality puts us ahead of the pack and the result is a string of loyal customers and a healthy backlog of orders.

As a demands for our products grew through the years, we invested in the latest and complex equipment to move into the mainstream of machine parts fabrication, from a subcontractor to main manufacturer.

Compliant with Stringent
International Quality Standards

Our VIsion

Our vision is to be the leading source for fabrication of precision machine parts locally and internationally.


  • Provide turn-key solutions through custom design, manufacturing and support of spare parts.
  • Continue to improve our processes, invest in the latest cutting edge technology and upgrade the skills of our employees.
  • Conduct our business responsibility in our community and our environment.

THat makes us your priority choice

Cassandra Tang


Managing Director

Cassandra Tang

We pride ourselves in being stringent to quality and together with our dedicated team, we will ensure to continue delivering the best to serve the industry.